Financial Services


Financial Services

How Templeton Solutions Improves Efficiency and Compliance

The financial services industry is increasingly becoming more concentrated as banks and credit unions continue to consolidate. A need to align databases and programs yet still maintain efficiency and compliance with standardized processes is essential to not only success, but also survival. Learn how Templeton helped a private bank with similar issues.

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Critical Issues

Banks earn substantial fees from real estate loan transactions, and hold large portfolios of real estate loans and securities. Less demand for real estate credit would cut the fee income of banks while decreased real estate loan quality would cut profits. In addition exposure to interest rate changes for local banks and credit unions, and regulatory oversight for investment banks are having a profound effect on these organizations.

Financial organizations want long term relationships with existing customers in order to sell them a portfolio of financial products. Using Customer Relationship Management, financial service firms can manage customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Key Drivers

Demand is driven by economic activity and interest rates, as well as company mergers, acquisitions, or public financing. The profitability of an investment bank depends on its ability to accurately assess both the value of a business transaction and the readiness of the market to buy the attendant debt or equity.

Many banks and credit unions are consolidating and in turn, dealing with a need to combine multiple programs and systems. In addition, industry leaders have recently called for new business models that reflect sounder risk management principles and increased transparency of risk in hopes of increasing long-term profitability.

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